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Celebrity Magnet is a personal image search engine, with a particular talent for finding images of people. Simply type in who, or what, you are searching for and the powerful search engine will scour the web for images and download them to your hard-drive.

The technology behind Celebrity Magnet has been taught about the format of image sites and can quickly find relevant galleries and thumbnails. When the 'Celebrity Search' option is employed it will use its extra knowledge of fan-sites and celebrity galleries to refine the search.

Fortunately the details are hidden behind a simple web-style interface. We prepared a short flash demonstration to show how easy it is.



To reduce download time this animation has lower colour quality than the actual application.

We found lots more pictures of frogs than shown here. But, frankly we got bored of looking at frogs!


  • Multithreaded search engine
    Searches many web-sites simultaneously.
    Can analyse and download images from sites that block other search engines.
    No tedious adverts, popups, spyware, adware...
  • Celebrity Search
    The search engine has been 'taught' about celebrity gallery sites and can quickly scan for them.
  • Optional 2 level Adult Filter
    Exclude adult images from search results with one click.
    Child proof password protection.
  • Automatic Image Download
    Images are downloaded in the background.
  • Built-in Image Viewer
    Simple image viewer with zoom capabilities.

  • Duplicate Scanning
    Celebrity Magnet can detect the fact that an images is a duplicate without downloading the entire file!
  • Image Galleries
    Manage your images in convenient galleries, and display slide-shows.
    Celebrity Magnet will not waste time re-downloading images contained in a gallery!


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